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Using Dialogflow for Chatbots

How do you go about creating a chatbot using Google’s Dialogflow?

This is a multi-part series dedicated to helping end users prepare to deploy speech-enabled chatbots in their contact centers. We focus first on Google’s Dialogflow because most of the major contact center partners have announced integrations with Dialogflow.

As the sections are published, links will appear here to where they can be read.

Using Dialog Flow to Create Intelligent Agents

(Contents subject to change)

  1. Define what you want to accomplish with your Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) and the metrics you will use to measure success

  2. The flow of how an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) works

  3. Should you build your IVA from scratch, use a partner contact center (Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, Five9, etc.), or use a CCaaS solution (a la Twilio)

  4. The Data: what data is needed, how much data is necessary, and massaging this data to get it ready for CCAI ingesting

  5. Teaching Dialogflow your lexicon

  6. Intents Part 1: Classification

  7. Intents Part 2: Filling the slots

  8. Interfacing with back end systems

  9. Returning the results to the user

  10. When to hand off to a human agent

  11. Interfacing with CCAI partner contact center solutions

  12. Testing and Going Live: When is it “good enough”?

  13. Google Speech Analytics

  14. Internationalizing into other languages

  15. Continuously monitoring and improving the results

  16. The Need for the Human Element Throughout